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In partnership with Women in Apologetics we invite you for our second annual UP (Uniting People) Conference. This transformational conference will equip you to differentiate between social justice and biblical justice. We will guide you in practical ways to become an ambassador for biblical justice in your home, church, and community.

join us for this powerful virtual experience

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18–20

doing justice biblically




Even though this conference is over, you can still purchase the conference recordings. You will receive recordings of all the keynote presentations, the training, the workshop, as well as all of the breakout sessions.

Individual License: $55

Church License: $75






Why Social Justice Isn’t Biblical Justice

– Scott Allen


Justice Begins at Home

– Abraham Hamilton, III


God's Roadmap to a (More) Just Society

– Krista Bontrager






How to Exegete Your Community

– Monique Duson & Krista Bontrager 


Krista and Monique demonstrate the realities and challenges of working in a justice ministry as they interview a couple working in the Southside of Chicago.

Q&A Panel

– Monique Duson and Scott Allen




Breakout Session - Block A

Option 1: Considering Justice in Light of Truth

– Dr. E. Calvin Beisner

Option 2: What Christians Can Do to Advocate for the Pre-Born in Their Community

~Sam Sey

Breakout Session - Block B

Option 1: God’s Purpose for the Family (and His Plan to Restore What is Broken)

– Edwin Ramirez

Option 2: Creating a Startup Justice Ministry

–Monique Duson 


Breakout Session - Block C

Option 1: What Christians Can do to Bring Education Options to Low Income Families

–Latasha Fields

Option 2: Enablement vs. Empowerment

–Katerina Elias, LCSW

Q&A Panel

– Latasha Fields, Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Edwin Ramirez, and Monique Duson

Wrap Up:

The Charge to DO Justice

~ Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager 



Keynote Speakers



President, Disciple Nations Alliance

Scott Allen served for 19 years with Food for the Hungry and is the author of the book, Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice.

Why Biblical Justice Isn't Social Justice

What are the distinguishing principles of a biblical vision for justice? Scott Allen will lay the biblical foundation for the conference as he outlines God's design for human flourishing.


Attorney & Podcaster

Abraham Hamilton, III is a husband, homeschool dad, lawyer, Bible teacher  and  serves  as the Public Policy Analyst for the American Family Association.

Justice Begins at Home

The very concept of justice is rooted in a Christ-centered biblical worldview and it is specifically grounded in understanding that mankind was created as bearers of the Imago Dei. Yet, Proverbs 28:5 tells us “Evil men do not understand justice.” If we want to see justice, as defined and described in God’s word, we must begin cultivating it in our homes



Krista has worked as a theologian and Christian apologist for 25 years. She is a wife and mother of two grown children.

God's Roadmap to a (More) Just Society

What is the relationship between justice and preaching the Gospel? When the answer to this question isn't clarified, then much confusion and errant doctrine often follows. Theologian, Krista Bontrager, will outline a biblical model for transforming cultures.



Founders, Center for Biblical Unity

Monique Duson has a background in Social Service and children’s ministry. She also served as a full-time missionary to South Africa. Krista (aka Theology Mom) is a popular Bible teacher.

How to Exegete Your Community

This training will provide practical steps to study the needs of your community so you can respond to those needs in a manner that is informed by data and the Bible.

Breakout Speakers


Founder, Cornwall Alliance


Dr. Beisner is the  author of Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice and is the Founder of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

Considering Justice in the Light of Truth

When you see suffering, particularly caused by oppression, a Spirit-driven response is compassion—a deep inner yearning for healing and justice. Yet compassion isn’t enough. As Walter Williams said, “Truly compassionate policy requires dispassionate analysis.” This talk defines justice and human rights by Biblical standards and distinguishes “negative rights” from “positive rights."

Blogger & Pro-Life Advocate


Sam addresses racial, cultural, and political issues with biblical theology with an attitude of being quick to listen and slow to speak. 

What Christians Can Do to Advocate for the Pre-Born in Their Community 

The pro-abortion is movement is radically committed to murdering babies. However, there’s a diverse group of people readily committed to stopping them. They are public speakers, they are pastors, they are protestors, they are politicians, they are pregnancy crisis workers—and they are changing minds and saving babies.

Founder, Center for Biblical Unity


Monique worked for 20 years in social service with a diverse array of under-served communities.

Creating a Startup Justice Ministry

We're all being told to "do justice" and knowing the biblical definition is the first step. But then what? What are the practical steps of doing justice?  If you are interested in learning how you, your small group, or your church can stand for justice, come learn some of the practical tools needed to begin a justice ministry and stand for the least of these. 

Pastor & Podcaster


Edwin is a pastor and former social justice warrior and Critical Race Theory advocate.

God's Purpose for the Family (and His Plan to Restore What's Broken)

This breakout session will equip Christians with God’s purpose for the family, and discuss practical ways Christians and churches can minister to single parents, the fatherless, and orphans.

Founder, BeYoutifullyRooted


Kat is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who founded BeYOUtifully Rooted, a Christian Mental Health and Education Corporation to promote healthy living, Christian thinking, and authentic relationships.

Enablement vs. Empowerment

As Christians seek to do justice, it is important to do so in ways that honor God and His design for human life. Sometimes well-meaning Christians can actually create dependency and stifle growth; rather than empowering people to live according to God’s standards for humanity. Come learn how we can come alongside others, Biblically, empowering them to live by God’s design. 

Latasha Fields.jpg

Homeschool Advocate


Latasha is the State Coordinator of IL for ParentalRights.org, founder of the Christian Home Educators Support System (CHESS) and a 1776 Unites Achiever.

What Christians Can Do to Bring Education Options to Low Income Families

It is vital that Christian families be on the frontline of our culture, as the fundamental building block and agent of transformation of society. This breakout session will help Christians consider how they can set up a homeschool co-op to cultivate education options for low-income families.


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