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We have set up four online groups (hosted on Facebook) to help people impacted by the Critical Social Theories to connect and find support, prayer and resourcing.


Support group for active educators who need encouragement and strategies to cope with Critical Theory and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion in the workplace.

"Help for Christians Teaching in Public Schools in the Age of Equity"

Math Teacher
Doing Homework
Doing Homework


Support group for homeschool families. Meet new friends, share resources and pray for one another.

Doing Homework
Family Moments


Support group for parents of interethnic children or have children through transracial adoption.

"Is Interracial Adoption Causing More Harm Than Good?"

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parent support

Support group for parents whose teen/adult children who have fallen into woke theology or deconstructed away from the faith as a result Critical Theory. We don't have all the answers, but we will pray for you and try to resource you.

"Hope for Parents of Prodigals"

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