The Center for Biblical Unity links arms with like-minded brothers and sisters to help advance the conversation about race, unity and justice from a historically Christian perspective.


Dr. Neil Shenvi

Dr. Shenvi is at the forefront of researching critical theory and contrasting it with the historic Christian worldview.


Download his free booklet, Engaging Critical Theory and Social Justice.


Watch Neil's crash course on critical theory Critical Theory.


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Alisa Childers

"Auntie" Alisa Childers played a foundational role in helping us to launch the ministry by interviewing Monique in the summer of 2020. 


Alisa is a Christian apologist specializing in Progressive Christianity. Her work overlaps with aspects of our work.


Alisa's book, Another Gospel? is a great supplement to our work.



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Eric Muldrow

Eric Muldrow is a former law enforcement officer and the founder of Code Red Conversations.

In our interview with Eric, we explored issues related to law enforcement and systemic racism: Are Police Shootings an



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Kevin McGary

Kevin is the co-founder of Every Black Life Matters. Their vision is to help individuals in the Black community grow and prosper in mind, body and Spirit by eliminating disproportional injustices that hinder Black advancement.


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Women in Apologetics

We often share platforms with our friends at Women in Apologetics. They are a network of female apologists with a passion to encourage, equip, and educate women to think deeply and intelligently about their faith.


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Natasha Crain

Our friend Natasha Crain is a national speaker, authorblogger, and podcaster who is passionate about helping Christians think biblically in an increasingly secular world.


Natasha played a pivotal role in the launch of CFBU when she mentioned Monique in a blog post that went viral in June 2020. Listen to our interview with Natasha on the "All The Things" podcast. 


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Joe Dallas

Joe Dallas is an author, speaker and ordained pastoral counselor, helping people reclaim God’s created intent for their sexuality. As a former homosexual, Joe offers a unique perspective on these issues to help those who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction. We appreciate his Godly wisdom and biblically faithful approach to Queer Theory (see his book, Christians in a Cancel Culture).


Joe was interviewed on our podcast ("When Someone You Love is Gay"). 


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Krista Bontrager

Krista Bontrager has worked professionally in the realm of theology and apologetics for over 25 years. She is also the co-founder of CFBU.​​ Krista and Monique co-host a weekly live podcast, All The Things.


Browse Krista's extensive teaching library on YouTube.​and follow her on Facebook.


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Edwin Ramirez

Edwin Ramirez is a pastor and former "woke church" advocate. A few years ago, he began a journey out of that framework and now speaks out against for Critical Race Theory.

Edwin's story of coming out of Critical Race Theory is featured in Thaddeus Williams' book, Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth.


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Dr. Harold Felder

Dr. Felder is the founder of Giving An Answer, a theology and apologetics ministry dedicated to demonstrating the truthfulness of the Christian faith.

His book, The African Guide to the Bible, is an important and pioneering voice in the area of urban apologetics.


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Dr. Joseph (JR) Miller

Dr. Miller is the host of the Off The Cuff podcast, as well as the co-founder of Center for Cultural Apologetics.They are dedicated to grounding the next generation in a faith that will stem the tide of moral compromise seen today in our churches, universities and seminaries.


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Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Elizabeth is the founder of Foundation Worldview. Her curriculum transforms the way kids think and equips them to carefully evaluate every idea they encounter and understand the truth of the Christian worldview.


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Ratio Christi

Our friends at Ratio Christi work to bring together faith and reason for high school and university students.


Their President, Dr. Corey Miller​, is a courageous voice who is pushing back against Critical Theory coming onto college campuses. Listen to our interview with Dr. Miller ("Critical Theory Goes to Christian College") on the "All The Things" podcast. 


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Dr. Thaddeus Williams

Dr. Williams is a professor in theology at Biola University and a founding board member.

Monique's story of coming out of Critical Race Theory is featured in Thad's book, Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth.


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Samuel Sey

Samuel Sey is a Christian blogger and pro-life advocate. He is also an outspoke opponent of Critical Race Theory.

Sam's story is featured in Thaddeus Williams' book, Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth.


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Dr. Jacob Daniel

Dr. Daniel is an international speaker, apologist, and cultural analyst.


He is the founder of the Heritage Counsel, which promotes a robust biblical framework and addresses societal challenges through proper cultural exegesis.


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Virgil Walker

"Uncle" Virgil is the co-host of the Just Thinking podcast. He is also a pastor, Executive Director of Operations for G3 Ministries, a Falkirk Fellow, and passionate about helping Christians think biblically about everything.


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Southern Evangelical Seminary

Looking for seminary education? Check out our friends at Southern Evangelical Seminary. They are taking an active stand against critical social theories coming into their courses and preparing the next generation of pastors according to historic Christianity. Read their statement, "Racism & Social Justice." 


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Christian Educators Association International

Do you work in public school education, but struggle to respond to allyship statements and educational equity trainings? Our friends at CEAI work to protect and equip Christians working in the field of public education. They even provide a biblically faithful alternative to secular teacher's unions.


Their Executive Director, David Schmus was interviewed on our podcast ("Help for Christians Teaching in Public Schools in the Age of Equity"). 


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