We believe the road to racial unity must be founded on a solid Christian worldview and then facilitated by respectful and peaceful conversations. The Center for Biblical Unity has designed a series of experiential trainings to help Christian leaders step through this process.

Invite Monique Duson to do an experiential training for your pastoral team, school staff and faculty, ministry staff, or a group of like-minded local pastors.


These trainings will provide your team with a basic understanding of the Critical Race Theory framework and how it is impacting those within your church or school. We foster an atmosphere of truth and grace as participants explore their race-based biases, (hey, we all have them!), investigate what is hindering open and honest conversations about race, and learn how to lead others in biblically-focused and unifying conversations. Experiential exercises help offer a real-time look into our experiences, thoughts, and fears in a shame-free environment. 

Who is this Training for?

  • Pastors

  • Elders and Deacons

  • Church staff

  • Lay leaders and ministry teams

  • Christian school teachers and administrators

  • Leaders at Christian non-profits

  • People wanting to progress in their relationships with others from a different race


Some potential participants who may find these trainings helpful:

  1. Pastors trying to make sense of the current cultural moment,

  2. Pastors, ministry leaders, or Christian school administrators who want to lead their team in a biblical response to race and justice,

  3. Pastors exploring ways to expand outreach and bring the Gospel to the unreached people in their community,

  4. Pastors of multi-ethnic churches,

  5. Pastors who want to explore out-of-the-box ideas for advocating for justice in their community,

  6. People experiencing race-related trauma, and want to take steps towards healing,

  7. People wanting to have productive race conversations with friends and family.


What is this Training like?

  • Trainings range from one, two, or three full days. 

  • Participants explore their own biases, listen to each other's stories, and grow in trust towards people of other races.

  • Trainings are not lecture oriented. Rather, they focus on entering into partnership with the Holy Spirit to gain personal insight and growth. In some cases, preparatory work may be required.

Visit our BOOK page to schedule a time to discuss the possibility of organizing a group training in your area.