virtual BOOK clubs

Fall book clubs begin the week of September 13, 2021.


About the Groups:

Length:  6 weeks, 90 minutes per week

Cost: $35 + the cost of the book

The live experience is limited to 25 participants.

Each book group will have a live discussion leader. Please see times and days listed in descriptions below. Once you have registered and paid, you will receive a confirmation. The week before the group, you will be emailed instructions to join the virtual classroom on Google. Weekly discussions will be held on Google Meet.


Book clubs are a time of asking questions and discussing the week‘s reading. Each meeting will be recorded and uploaded to the private virtual Classroom, in case you have to miss a week.


African American Guide to the Bible 

Making the Case for the Relevance of the Bible for People of Color


Registration now open.


This group will read Dr. Harold Felder‘s book, African American Guide to the Bible. Dr. Felder presents a comprehensive biblical perspective on a variety of topics to help equip you to answer common objections raised by African Americans against the Christian faith.

Discussion Leader: Dr. Harold Felder

Day/Time: Tuesdays 4 PM (PT)/7 PM (ET)

Dates: Sept 14, Sept 21, Oct 12, Oct 19, Oct 26, and Nov 2

NOTE: This group will take two weeks off (Sept 28 and Oct 5)



A Biblical Approach to Racial Unity


Registration now open.

This group will work through CFBU‘s new small group curriculum, Reconciled. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the biblical foundation for racial unity so you can share the message of hope with others.

Discussion Leader: Arnold Huntley

Day/Time: Sundays, 4:30 PM (PT)/7:30 PM (ET)

Dates: Sept. 12, 19, 26, Oct. 3, 10, and 17


Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth

12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice


Registration now open.

Not everything called “social justice“ today is compatible with a biblical vision of a better world. The Bible's call to seek justice is not a call to superficial, knee-jerk activism. The God who commands us to seek justice is the same God who commands us to “test everything” and “hold fast to what is good.”

Drawing from a diverse range of theologians, sociologists, artists, and activists, Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth, by Thaddeus Williams, makes the case that we must be discerning if we are to “truly execute justice” as Scripture commands.

Discussion Leader: Edwin Ramirez 

Day/Time: Thursdays, 4 PM (PT)/7 PM (ET)

Dates: Sept. 16, 23, 30, Oct. 7, 14, and 21

Winter book clubs will begin in January 2022.