virtual BOOK clubs

Fall 2022 book clubs are starting September 12.

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About the Groups:

Length:  6 weeks, 90 minutes per week

Cost: $35 + the cost of the book

The live experience is limited to 25 participants.

Each book group will have a live discussion leader. Please see times and days listed in descriptions below. Once you have registered and paid, you will receive a confirmation. The week before the group, you will be emailed instructions to join the virtual classroom on Google. Weekly discussions will be held on Zoom.


Book clubs are a time of asking questions and discussing the week‘s reading. Each meeting will be recorded and uploaded to the private virtual Classroom, in case you need to miss a week.

All book clubs also offer a virtual experience, which allows participants to access recordings from the live experience.




A Biblical Approach to Ethnic Unity


Registration now open.


This group will go through CFBU's small group curriculum, Reconciled. Many Christians want to stand for racial unity, but don’t know how. And many approaches to “racial reconciliation” can create more problems than they solve. Join us on a journey to a solid approach to racial unity, one deeply grounded in historic Christianity. Reconciled will help you not only understand the biblical model for unity, but practical ways to live it out in your everyday life. 

Discussion Leader: Arnold Huntley

Day/Time: Tuesdays at 4 PM (PT)/7 PM (ET)

Dates: September 13, 20, 27 and October 4, 11, 18



Strange New World

How Thinkers and Activists Redefined Identity and Sparked the Sexual Revolution

Registration now open.

This group will read and discuss Dr. Carl Trueman's new book, Strange New World. How did the world arrive at its current, disorienting state of identity politics, and how should the church respond? Historian Carl R. Trueman discusses how influences ranging from traditional institutions to technology and pornography moved modern culture toward an era of “expressive individualism.” Investigating philosophies from the Romantics, Nietzsche, Marx, Wilde, Freud, and the New Left, he outlines the history of Western thought to the distinctly sexual direction of present-day identity politics and explains the modern implications of these ideas on religion, free speech, and personal identity.

Discussion Leader: Jennifer Beitel

Day/Time: Mondays at 4:30 PM (PT)/7:30 PM (ET)

Dates: September 12, 19, 26 and October 3, 10, 17



Queer Theory, Gender Theory

An Instant Primer


Registration now open.

This group will read and discuss the book, Queer Theory, Gender Theory. Written by nationally known gender activist Riki Wilchins, this book combines straightforward prose with concrete examples from LGBT and feminist politics, as well as the author's own life, to guide the reader through the ideas that are currently guiding our culture's understanding of bodies, sex and desire.  If you want to truly understand the framework that is shaping the conversation and policies in politics, the workplace and public education, then this is the group for you. The discussion leader will help readers process the book's ideas in light of historic Christianity.

Discussion Leader: Monique Duson

Day/Time: Tuesdays at 4 PM (PT)/7 PM (ET)

Dates: September 13, 20, 27 and October 4, 11, 18


Spring book clubs will begin in January 2023.