Join Monique's effort to bring respectful, biblical, and peaceful conversations about race to the church and culture.


We have submitted all of our paperwork to become an official 501c3. While we are waiting for government approval, please consider partnering with us through Patreon, or give a one-time gift via PayPal (please mark that it's a gift for "Friends and Family").

Checks can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 811

Upland, CA 91785


Immediate Fundraising Goal:

Our fundraising goal right now is to raise a minimal amount of money so Monique can quit her full-time job. This will allow Monique to be deployed as a full-time missionary into this ministry. We are over half-way to that goal right now! Thank you to everyone who is standing with us!


Immediate Ministry Goals:

Monique's priority right now is raise awareness about the rise of CRT in the church (which we see as the most immediate need). As a secondary goal, she wants to begin to build the case for an alternative model for unity, one that is grounded firmly in Scripture.

We will accomplish these goals three ways:

  • Content creation (e.g., blog posts and videos)

  • Media interviews

  • Public speaking

1-2 Year Ministry Goals:

  • We are rolling out trainings that to promote biblical unity.

  • We are writing a small-group curriculum that can be used by churches to encourage racial unity.

  • We are building a coalition of thinkers across many intellectual disciplines to help build an academic model for biblical unity and justice.


3-5 Year Ministry Goals:

We also want to build a network of churches who are committed to biblical unity and to helping meet each other’s physical needs by advocating for a better, more biblical model, for justice.