Join Monique's effort to bring hopeful, respectful, and peaceful conversations about racial unity and justice to those who need help finding a biblical alternative to culture. Scroll down to see our ministry goals, as well as some stories from family members about what CFBU has meant to them.


CFBU is a 501c3 non-profit.


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Center for Biblical Unity

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Here are some of our ministry goals for expanding our reach in 2022.

  • Raise awareness about the rise of the Critical Social Theories in the church and proclaim the truth about racial unity and biblical justice. We will accomplish this goal in the following ways: 1) content creation (e.g., podcasts, blog posts and videos), 2) media interviews, 3) public speaking, 4) sponsoring book discussion groups.

  • Lease a small office space to make room for our growing team.

  • Hire a part-time administrative assistant.

  • Release the “Reconciled” curriculum into a printed format.

  • Expand our academic advisory board into other academic disciplines. 

  • Develop an online course on justice to train future Christian leaders in a biblical model for charity and mercy ministries.

  • Find a church to partner with us so we can host the UP Conference in-person.

  • Publish a booklet to use as a give away for inquirers at outreach events.