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Help Monique and Krista bring hopeful, respectful, and peaceful conversations about racial unity and justice to those who need help finding a biblical alternative to culture.


Scroll down to see our ministry goals and watch some Family Stories about what CFBU has meant to some of our followers.


CFBU is a 501c3 non-profit.


If you are using a desktop or laptop, you can use the form below to make a one-time donation or sign up for monthly support.

You can also donate by texting an amount to (909) 318-1388. First-time users will be prompted to enter their payment information via a secure web page.

To make adjustments to your monthly gift, contact our Donor Relations Manager for instructions on how to do so.

If you'd prefer to send a check, they can be mailed to:

Center for Biblical Unity

P.O. Box 811

Upland, CA 91785

Monthly Partner

Each year, Monique and Krista produce exclusive content for our Monthly Partners who donate $25+ per month. These teachings are specifically made to equip you with the skills you need to engage the people around you on topics related to race, justice and unity. You can expect to see these videos to be delivered to your Inbox on the second Tuesday of the even months (Feb., April, June, August, Oct., Dec.).

This year's theme will give you a back-stage pass to Monique and Krista's upcoming book project on race and racism. They will be sharing a lot of the backstory that is going into the book, some of their thought processes, and issues that they're wrestling through. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of their ground-breaking journey.

Here is some of what your support allowed us to accomplish in 2023.

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Reach the Family

Monique's perspective on race and justice continues to be in high demand for speaking and media appearances. Being able to employ a part-time administrative assistant and part-time accountant helps to facilitate this process and provide accountability.


Here are a few highlights:

  • Presented at 23 in-person conferences and/or trainings, including being part of the new Truth Project through Focus on the Family and the Colson Center, a keynote presentation at the Southern Evangelical Seminary's national apologetics conference, a keynote presentation at the the national ACSI student leadership conference, and presentations for students at Summit Ministries and Impact 360.

  • Developed and released a CFBU mobile app for Apple and Android.

  • Made media appearances reaching over 100,000 people, including on The Fallen State, Focus on the Family magazine, and the Fearless podcast with Cissie Graham Lynch.

BUILD FOR the Family

2023 was a year marked by expansion. We had the opportunity to take a few big steps this year to help expand our reach. These included:

  • Wrote a full-length trade paperback, Walking in Unity (coming September 17, 2024)

  • Produced a mini-doc about Monique and Krista's story (coming September 2024)

  • Produced a video curriculum aligned with the book, Walking in Unity (coming September 2024)

  • Added 3 new members to our Academic Advisory Council

equip the Family

A big part of our ministry time is spent developing new resources. We see education as a cornerstone for transforming the narrative about race and justice.


This year CFBU has equipped our others by:

  • Developed virtual trainings and events to help reach new audiences

  • Produced 70+ podcasts training followers about issues related to race, justice and unity

  • Generated 20 new articles on our website

  • Conducted 8 virtual book clubs on race, unity, and justice

  • Conducted 2 live courses to train future Christian leaders in biblical worldview thinking

  • Wrote and field tested a new two-day training that promotes CFBU's ethnic unity model

Here are some of our ministry goals to Keep our Momentum in 2024:

  • Release a video-based curriculum aligned with our forthcoming book for small groups.

  • Expand the Academic Advisory Council into other disciplines.

  • Develop and launch two new online courses.

  • Travel and speak at churches, ministries, and schools.

  • Publish 24 blog posts.

  • Produce 30 episodes of our podcast, All The Things

  • Produce 24 episodes of our podcast, Off Code.

  • Produce 24 episodes of our podcast, Theology Mom.
  • Develop and launch a new podcast geared toward teens and young adults.

family stories