Join Monique's effort to bring respectful, biblical, and peaceful conversations about race to the church and culture. Scroll down to see our ministry goals.


CFBU is a 501c3 non-profit.


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We reached our first fundraising goal, which was to raise enough monthly support so Monique could quit her full-time job. Mission accomplished! This has allowed Monique to be deployed as a full-time missionary into this ministry. We are deeply grateful to everyone who is standing with us!​

Here's what's next.


1-2 Year Ministry Goals (2021–2022):

  • Raise awareness about the rise of CRT in the church and proclaim the truth about biblical unity and justice. We will accomplish this goal in the following ways: 1) content creation (e.g., blog posts and videos), 2) media interviews, 3) public speaking, 4) sponsoring book discussion groups.

  • Launch virtual support groups for public educators, interethnic families, and parents whose children have deconstructed their faith due to "woke" ideology.

  • Release a 6-week small-group curriculum that can be used by churches to encourage racial unity in local congregations. God willing, we will release this in June 2021.

  • Hire 2–3 part-time staff to help support the growth of the ministry.

  • Assemble an advisory board across various academic disciplines to help us build an alternative model for racial unity and justice, one that is grounded firmly in Scripture.

  • Develop trainings for church and para-church leadership that promote biblical unity.

  • Develop seminary-level courses to train future Christian leaders in a biblical model for racial unity and justice.

  • Host the UP Conference in June 2021 and 2022.



3-5 Year Ministry Goals (2023–2025):

  • Expand the UP Conference to be a 3-day equipping event for pastors and ministry entrepreneurs to build new, biblically based justice ministries.

  • Build a network of churches and para-church ministries who are committed to biblical unity and to helping meet each other’s physical needs by advocating for a better, more biblical model, for justice.

  • Publish a multi-author book on racial unity and justice.