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3 Ways Culture Is Co-opting Kids’ Identities … and 3 Strategies for Christian Public School Teachers

by Monique Duson with Emily Bontrager

Culture is waging a war for the identities of children, and if the past few years have revealed anything, it’s that public school teachers play a critical role in affecting how students think about themselves.

Activists and proponents of critical theory have realized this. They’ve spent a long time inside institutions, implementing policies and curricula to ensure that a secular worldview flows naturally from the institution and into children's minds. And it’s working. Here are three strategies culture is using:

1. Identity Buffet

As Christians, we understand that identity is intrinsic and reflective of something greater than ourselves. We bear the image of God, and our identity as image bearers has significant implications for understanding who God has created us to be and how we are to live.