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On Monique's "Reconciled" small group study:

We are in the midst of a very serious period of cultural chaos, division, and instability. And make no mistake about it: The Church is our best hope for solving these problems. This guided study offers a hopeful way out. If you read and put into practice the ideas it presents, you cannot help but be an informed part of the solution to the honor of Jesus Christ and the good of our brothers and sisters. I am so grateful that this is now available.

J.P. Moreland, Ph.D

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

In a culture polarized by race issues, Monique is a desperately needed voice in the church, guiding us with the light of biblical truth. Not only is her story compelling and her teaching solid, but she engages both heart and mind as she equips Christians with God’s view of racial unity and justice.

Brett Kunkle

Founder and CEO, Maven


There are MANY people speaking out against the distortions of Critical Race Theory and "woke" Christianity. But not many are offering a positive and uniquely Christian answer to the very real injustices our culture and churches face. Monique is a relevant voice in today's murky cultural waters

Alisa Childers

Author, Another Gospel?

Now more than ever we need voices grounded in the authority of Scripture that call us beyond the cultural noise and divisive rhetoric and moves Christians from all backgrounds and ethnicities toward walking out our unity in Christ. We had Monique out to teach our students and staff and it was both challenging and encouraging. I am so grateful for the vision that Monique Duson has for the Center for Biblical Unity and pray God uses it in powerful ways in the days ahead.


Dr. Jonathan Morrow
Director of Cultural Engagement and Student Discipleship at Impact 360 Institute
Author, Welcome to College


As a Women’s Ministry Director, I take very seriously the responsibility of leading the flock with which God has entrusted me. My passion is for Truth.  In a world where truth has become relative, we as leaders need to be sure we are guiding, educating, and equipping those in our care with the absolute Truth of the Word of God. That’s why it was a joy and an honor for me to bring Krista and Monique to our women’s group. They delivered excellent messages that informed our women on the importance of responding in today’s culture with a Biblical perspective, mindset, and attitude. We were all educated on the current cultural narrative and how we, as Christians, can engage effectively in faith-building conversations. Their sessions were eye opening, helpful, and important! And, they brought a fun, conversational feel to the presentation that resulted in much laughter! Our women now feel better equipped and more confident to have conversations with those in their circle who have a secular worldview on current issues. I would highly encourage any women’s director, leader, pastor, or teacher to invite Krista and Monique to your women’s group to strengthen their faith and understanding of Scripture in these areas. Our women were SO grateful for this opportunity to learn more and I’m confident your women will be too!



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