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A place for respectful and biblically-faithful discussions about race, unity and justice. 

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In a culture polarized by race, and where conversations about race often lead to division, strife, and blame, the Center For Biblical Unity exists to lead respectful and Bible-centered conversations on race, unity, and justice.  


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We foster an atmosphere of biblical truth and grace toward one another as participants explore their race-based biases, (hey, we all have them!), investigate what is hindering open and honest conversations about race, and learn how to lead others in biblically-focused and unifying conversations. Experiential exercises help offer a real-time look into our cultural assumptions, thoughts, and fears in a shame-free environment.


Maybe you want to address issues of race, justice and the Critical Social Theories in your weekend services, church conference, campus ministry group, school chapel service, retreat. If so, we are available to speak on and address the conversation with biblical fidelity, honesty, humor, and grace in a shame-free environment.


Perhaps you need help to craft policies related to racial unity and biblical justice for your school or church staff team. Maybe you need to revise your statement of faith to help preserve biblical fidelity when hiring new staff and teachers. Or perhaps you'd like help developing a justice ministry to serve your community, one that will be effective for true community change. Whatever your needs, we'll come alongside you and your team to develop strategies and plans that will help to build racial unity and develop biblically-inspired justice programs.

Bring Biblical Unity to Your Church, School or Ministry

Our 6-week small group curriculum can help facilitate discussions about the biblical foundation for racial unity.

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family stories

Inspirational stories about God's work through CFBU.


Their (CFBU) sessions were eye opening, helpful, and important! And, they brought a fun, conversational feel to the presentation that resulted in much laughter! Our women now feel better equipped and more confident to have conversations with those in their circle who have a secular worldview on current issues. I would highly encourage any women’s director, leader, pastor, or teacher to invite Krista and Monique to your women’s group to strengthen their faith and understanding of Scripture in these areas. Our women were SO grateful for this opportunity to learn more and I’m confident your women will be too!