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Do the "Work"

Why Christianity Offers a Better Hope for Racial Reconciliation Than Critical Race Theory

If you’ve been around CT/CRT for at least 10 minutes you’ve probably heard the phrase, “do the work.” The "work" that most CRT.proponents are referring to is the work of anti-racism. Speak out (if you're white), educate yourself, don’t speak (if you're white...confusing, I know), abolish the patriarchy, confront injustice and oppression, get woke/stay woke. The "works" list can become quite lengthy.

I honestly believe the underlying goal of Christian CRT advocates is to promote the value, dignity and worth of all individuals. They want to create a level playing field, where one sex or ethnicity is not higher or more valued than another. This is a worthy goal.

However, this concept is based on the framework of naturalism. CRT addresses what we see and understand from a merely natural perspective--we must use our human interventions to aid/benefit the natural surroundings of others. Again, a worthy goal, but not the supreme idea.

The CRT framework confronts only the evil we see. But the Christian worldview says, as long as there are humans, there will always be evil, known/unknown and seen/unseen. We would say that the intentions of man's heart are always bent toward pride, selfishness, wickedness. The work of combatting evil will always be there.

This is why the hope of racial unity must begin with repentance, humility, and love: to Christ first.

Christianity offers a more complete hope for racial unity. Christianity looks beyond the scope of the natural to the supernatural. Christianity understands that the very heart of man is dark and seeks to speak into that place—to offer light. A relationship with Christ is the only secure option for changing the heart of an individual. The changes heart of an individual is the only hope of changing a system.

Yes, we must do the work. But not the cyclical tool of CRT that can produce no long lasting, truly transformational, fruit. The work we must press toward is humility, compassion, forgiveness, grace, love. THIS is the work.


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