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framework for
biblical unity

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Welcome! Your leadership team at The Potter's House is partnering with the Center for Biblical Unity to help your staff explore a biblically-faithful vision for race, justice and unity. This journey will come in two phases.


This page will introduce you to the presenters, as well as provide an overview of the Bible when it comes to developing a theology of ethnicity. Watching these presentations will help you get ready for our meetings on August 16-17. Monique and Krista will be coming to Potter's House for a two-day in-person professional development seminar. This will be a time specifically designed to help the Potter's House team to think about issues related to ethnicity and culture from a biblical point of view.



Presenters: Monique Duson & Krista Bontrager

Run time: 15 minutes

Monique and Krista introduce themselves and share a little about their journey into an unlikely friendship.

All Hands In


What Does the Bible Teach about Race & Ethnicity?

Presenter: Krista Bontrager

Run time: 50 minutes

Theologian, Krista Bontrager, offers a survey of race and ethnicity through the lens of Scripture and why Christianity offers a better hope for racial unity than anything the world has to offer.

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