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Join Monique's efforts to bring hopeful, respectful, and peaceful conversations about race, justice and unity to those who need help finding a biblical alternative to a secular cultural narrative. Scroll down to read our goals for Giving Tuesday 2022, as well as some of our accomplishments this year. Thank you!


CFBU is a 501c3 non-profit.


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What an exciting year this has been for the Center for Biblical Unity! We’ve experienced exponential growth and are excited about the opportunities we have had to further the mission God has given us. For those of you who gave to CFBU in 2022, you played a direct role in our growth. Thank you for coming alongside us in this ministry!

We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us as we enter this new year of exciting ministry opportunities.

–Monique and Krista


The theme of our Giving Tuesday campaign for 2022 is AMPLIFY. We are raising support for three pressing needs to help us expand our reach: 

  • Write and market a full-length book answering the top 10 questions we get about race and racism from a biblical point of view.

  • Produce a video teaching series to accompany the book.

  • Build and launch a CFBU app. 

Giving Tuesday 2022 is November 29. We have set a goal of $30,000 to help fund our expansion efforts. This is a big goal, and we will need your help to reach it! No gift is too small. 

giving back

As you support our shared mission and vision on Giving Tuesday, we’d love to GIVE BACK to you in the following ways. 


  • For your gift of $50 or more, you’ll receive a digital copy of our "Reconciled" curriculum, as well as an exclusive video training, “A Crash Course on Queer Theory” featuring Monique Duson. This is a brand new resource that we developed this year and we want to share it to you.

  • For your gift of $75 or more, you’ll receive Monique's exclusive video training, as well as a physical copy of our "Reconciled" curriculum.

  • For your gift of $100 or more, you’ll receive the exclusive video training with Monique, a physical copy of our "Reconciled" curriculum, as well as a a CFBU t-shirt and an invitation to participate in a live Q&A with Krista and Monique on Zoom. There are only 100 spots available for this event, so please don’t hesitate if you’d like to take part in it. We’d love to see you there!

your one-time gift for giving Tuesday amplifies our voice

Use the link above or text any amount to (909) 318-1388. First-time users will be prompted to enter their payment information via a secure web page.

If you have problems or questions, please email our donor relations team at

If you prefer to send a check, it can be mailed to our physical address. Be sure to mark that it's for Giving Tuesday.

Center for Biblical Unity

P.O. Box 811

Upland, CA 91785

Here is a sneak peek at Monique's exclusive training,

"A Crash Course on Queer Theory."

One of the dominant worldviews of our culture, especially among Gen Z, is rooted in a secular construct called Queer Theory. This framework is also being imported into many conservative evangelical churches, colleges, and seminaries under the banner of "justice" and "inclusion." In this training, Monique Duson (co-founder, Center for Biblical Unity) provides a 60-minute crash course on the essential features of Queer Theory and how it compares and contrasts with the historic Christian worldview.

Here is some of what your support allowed us to accomplish in 2022!

Reach the Family

Monique's perspective on race and justice continues to be in high demand for speaking and media appearances. The addition of an administrative assistant for the second half of the year has made this process much smoother.


Here are a few highlights:

  • Presented at 16 in-person conferences and/or trainings for over 18,000 people, including Wilberforce Weekend through the Colson Center, Reality Conference through Stand to Reason, and Summit Ministries Student Conference

  • Appeared on more than 25 podcasts, reaching almost 100,000 people

  • Launched a new podcast ("Off Code") where we discuss key issues in the African American community

BUILD FOR the Family

2022 was a year marked by expansion. To ensure that we expand responsibly, we took a few modest steps this year to build out our infrastructure. These included:

  • Leased a small office space

  • Hired a part-time administrative assistant

  • Hired a part-time social media manager

  • Added 3 new members to our Academic Advisory Council

Taking these steps will help us make sure we can accommodate the growth the Lord has waiting for us in 2023.

equip the Family

A big part of our ministry time is spent developing new resources. We see education as a cornerstone of transforming the narrative about race and justice over the long haul.


This year CFBU has equipped our others by:

  • Released the “Reconciled” curriculum into a printed format. (Now available on Amazon!)

  • Generated 20 new blog posts

  • Conducted 10 book groups on race and justice.

  • Developed 3 new online courses to train future Christian leaders in biblical worldview thinking.

  • Launched a Facebook support group for "unwoke" home-schooling parents

  • Wrote and field tested a new training that addresses the issue of Queer Theory

Find out how you can also support CFBU year-round by becoming a Monthly Partner.

family stories

Family Stories

Family Stories
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We love documenting how the ministry is impacting the lives of others. Here are some snapshots from our 2022 family album. 

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