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Join Monique's effort to bring hopeful, respectful, and peaceful conversations about racial unity and justice to those who need help finding a biblical alternative to culture. Scroll down to read our goals for Giving Tuesday 2021, as well as all of our accomplishments this year. Thank you!


CFBU is a 501c3 non-profit.


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What an exciting year this has been for the Center for Biblical Unity! We’ve experienced exponential growth and are excited about the opportunities we have had to further the mission God has given us. For those of you who gave to CFBU in 2021, you played a direct role in our growth. Thank you for coming alongside us in this ministry! 

As you plan your year-end giving for 2021, we hope you’ll consider standing with CFBU once again. 

Which leads us to our next opportunity….  


CFBU is growing, and God is allowing this to happen quickly! The theme of our Giving Tuesday campaign for 2021 is EXPANSION. We are raising support for three pressing needs to help us expand our reach: 

  • Lease a small office space to get us out of Monique’s bedroom and accommodate a growing team in 2022

  • Bring the Reconciled curriculum into a printed format

  • ​Develop a booklet to give away to inquirers at outreach events. 


Giving Tuesday 2021 is November 30. We have set a goal of $25,000 to help fund our expansion efforts. This is a big goal, and we will need your help to reach it! No gift is too small. 

As you support our shared mission and vision on Giving Tuesday, we’d love to GIVE BACK to you in one of the following ways. 


  • For your gift of $50 or more, you’ll receive an exclusive video, “Christianity: By White People, For White People?” featuring Dr. Harold Felder. Dr. Felder is an esteemed member of our Academic Advisory Council. His ministry equips Christians to address common concerns that our faith is a “white man’s religion.”

  • For your gift of $100 or more, you’ll receive our exclusive video with Dr. Felder, as well as be invited to participate in a live Q&A with Krista and Monique on Zoom. There are only 100 spots available for this event, so please don’t hesitate if you’d like to take part in it. We’d love to see you there!

We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us as we enter this new year of exciting ministry opportunities.

–Monique and Krista

your one-time gift for giving Tuesday expands our reach

Use link above or text an amount to (909) 318-1388. First-time users will be prompted to enter their payment information via a secure web page.

If you have problems or questions, you can email our donor relations team at

If you'd prefer to send a check, it can be mailed to our physical address. Be sure to mark that it's for Giving Tuesday:

Center for Biblical Unity

P.O. Box 811

Upland, CA 91785

Here is a sneak peek at our discussion with Dr. Felder.

Is Christianity really just for white people, created by white people? Join Monique and Krista in this lively conversation with Dr. Harold Felder as they flesh out the truth, address scriptural misconceptions while debunking cultural fallacies and pervasive beliefs that have taken hold even within the Church regarding image-bearers of God. In this engaging conversation, Dr. Felder reveals little-known facts and equips believers to think rightly about Christianity. The discussion spans Christianity’s impact on the dim view of humanity held in ancient Rome, the influential role of African believers in the spread of Christianity, and the history of our own country not always living in the reality of human dignity. You’re invited to join them as they dive into historical and biblical truths about who Christianity is meant for, where it was founded and when, and what that means for Christians today.

Here is just some of what your support allowed us to accomplish in 2021!

  • Raise awareness about the rise of the Critical Social Theories in the church and proclaim the truth about racial unity and biblical justice. We will accomplish this goal in the following ways: 1) content creation (e.g., podcast, blog posts and videos), 2) media interviews, 3) public speaking, 4) sponsoring book discussion groups. ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Bring Krista Bontrager on staff full time. She is now deployed as a full-time missionary into this ministry. ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Launch virtual support groups for public educators, interethnic families, and parents whose children have deconstructed their faith due to “woke” ideology. ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Release a six-week small-group curriculum that can be used by churches to encourage racial unity in local congregations. God willing, we will release this in June 2021. ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Assemble an academic advisory board across various academic disciplines to help us build an alternative model for racial unity and justice, one that is grounded firmly in Scripture. ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Develop an online course on race and ethnicity to train future Christian leaders in a biblical model for racial unity. ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Host the UP Conference (virtually) in June 2021. Expand the event to three days and six breakout speakers. ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Develop a biblically faithful alternative to DEI trainings for church and para-church leadership that promote biblical unity. ACCOMPLISHED!

Some of our ministry goals for Expanding our Reach in 2022.

  • Lease a small office space to make room for our growing team.

  • Hire one part-time administrative assistant.

  • Develop an online course on justice to train future Christian leaders in a biblical model for charity and mercy ministries. 

  • Find a church to partner with us so we can host the UP Conference in-person.

  • Expand the academic advisory board into other disciplines.

  • Increase our reach by publishing at least 18 blog posts.

  • Release the “Reconciled” curriculum into a printed format.

  • Publish a booklet ​​to use as a give away for inquirers at outreach events.

Find out how you can also support CFBU year-round by becoming a Monthly Partner.

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