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framework for
biblical unity

Welcome! This track will walk you and your team through the foundations for biblical unity. This module contains about 6 hours of teaching. Watching these lectures will provide your team with foundational instruction about the Christian worldview and develop some shared language to discuss racial issues. Work through the material in the order presented below



Presenters: Monique Duson & Krista Bontrager

Run time: 15 minutes

Monique and Krista introduce themselves and share a little about their journey into an unlikely friendship.

All Hands In


What Does the Bible Teach about Race & Ethnicity?

Presenter: Krista Bontrager

Run time: 50 minutes

The culture is very busy telling Christians how to talk about race. And many Christians have, often unknowingly, bought into a worldly view of race. If we want to have productive, biblically informed discussions about race, then we must begin by renewing our minds with the terms and definitions of Scripture. Theologian, Krista Bontrager, offers a survey of race and ethnicity through the lens of Scripture and why Christianity offers a better hope for racial unity than anything the world has to offer.


The Foundation for biblical Unity

Presenter: Monique Duson

Run time: 50 minutes

Smiling Teens

The topic of race is front and center in our cultural conversation. So how do Christians evaluate the ideas and models put forth? In this talk, Monique will share her journey away from the culture’s models and show how any secular project of “racial reconciliation” falls short. This talk will also examine how even the church has gone wrong on this issue and then show how God’s design via the gospel offers the best hope for restoring racial unity in our world.

Selfie Portrait


The Great Awokening: A Crash Course on Critical Race Theory

Presenters: Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager

Run time: 70 minutes

One of the dominant worldviews of our culture, especially among Gen Z, is rooted in a secular construct called Critical Race Theory. This framework is also being imported into many conservative evangelical churches, colleges, and seminaries under the banners of "justice" and "racial reconciliation." Monique Duson (co-founder, Center for Biblical Unity) provides a crash course on the essential features of Critical Race Theory and how it compares and contrasts with the historic Christian worldview.


Principles for Biblical Diversity

Presenter: Krista Bontrager

Run time: 50 minutes

Loving Couple

This seminar will survey the popular DEI approach to diversity issues and why it often creates division and chaos instead of unity. The second half of the teaching will consider a more biblically-grounded approach to diversity.



How to Walk Together in Unity

Presenter: Monique Duson

Run time: 50 minutes

Monique Duson (co-founder, Center for Biblical Unity) spent two decades advocating for the idea of “racial reconciliation.” But she saw very little fruit. And after the rise of Black Lives Matter, the divide between the races seemed worse than ever. Monique does a deep dive into God’s plan for keeping the unity that Jesus secured on the cross. How can Christian brothers and sisters cross cultural divides and love each other according to the Father’s rules? This content is based on Ephesians 4.

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